#TwtupJohor might be crowded with people, known and unknown. So here we have something to gently remind:

1. Lock your phone: as your phone might be expensive and valuable, better your eyes are not off your phones. For Blackberry users, use Blackberry Protect safety methods. In case if you lost your phone, you may trace it back. And iPhone users, download Find My iPhone for free.

2. Eyes on your valuable things: hold your possessions tightly and make sure it is with you or the trusted ones. The organiser is not responsible if loss occured.

3. Lost & Found box: if you found things that don't belong to you, please pass it to the reception. A Lost & Found box will be there. Last but not least, do not take what is not yours.

4. Person in charge: #TwtupJohor #VolunteerTeam will be wearing a Volunteer tag and crews will be wearing Crew tag. Look for us if you need anything.

5. Wallets: please have your wallets inside your front pocket to avoid pick pockets because the crowd is big.

6. Clean environment: please think before you throw. Let's keep Iskandar Malaysia Information Centre environment clean and not to litter.

Thank you.